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Hemisphere Rules of Pranks and Hijinks

Hijinks: Boisterous or rambunctious carryings-on : carefree antics or horseplay


While griefing is not allowed on Hemisphere, there are some instances where we allow certain types of pranking. These hijinks should never devolve into a place of hatred or resentment for your fellow server members. Hijinks should be purely for fun, entertainment, or telling a story. We’re all supposed to be friends here and can work through actual disputes with our words instead of throwing rocks at each other. 


Any disagreements over the language or interpretation of this document may be settled in the court house, and will be judged by a jury of your peers in a fair trial.

Forms and Definitions of Pranking

Additive Pranking:

Additive pranking is any type of prank where you are adding blocks to a build, rather than removing any. Adding a touch to someone's base can add to a story, and you are encouraged to develop those stories through additive pranking.

Example: Player A builds a police barricade around Player B’s pot farm


Hybrid Pranking:

This is a mix of both additive and destructive pranking. This would be an additive build that happens to destroy some blocks.

Example: Player A builds a tower, Player B builds a plane crashing into the side of the building. Naturally, part of the wall has been broken through by the nose of an airplane and shrapnel from the building/aircraft is scattered around the landscape.


Destructive Pranking:

Destructive pranking is any time you remove a block from a build that is not yours. This is only allowed in level 3 hijinks.

Example: Player A uses TNT to blow up parts of Player B’s base.

Hijinks Levels

Level 1 Hijinks - Kerfuffle

Traps are allowed, so long as nobody loses their belongings. Any lost/stolen/destroyed items must be replaced by the offending party. Additive pranking is allowed.


Level 2 Hijinks - Skirmish

Duels are allowed with agreeing parties. Hybrid pranking is allowed, and as in level 1, any player items may not be stolen or destroyed.


Level 3 Hijinks - Chicanery

Hijinks sees no boundaries with those involved. Player killing is allowed, destructive pranking is allowed on properties of players involved, and any items may be raided whilst the player being raided is online. Bases can be marked a no prank/theft zone but you must have a base with considerable loot and gear to be your wartime base.

Progressing Through The Hijinks Levels

  • All parties must agree to the hijinks and hijinks level.


  • If any action is taken above the current hijinks level, the offended party has the option to accept and retaliate, moving up to the next level. You may not progress to a level 3 hijinks in this manner, see below for more info.


  • Any player who has been attacked/pranked who did not want to advance hijinks levels can invoke the right of refusal, and can demand that the previous action (the action that increased the hijinks level) against them be undone and set right by the offender.

    • If the right of refusal is invoked, no retaliation is not allowed for at least 14 days by either party unless a hijinks level is mutually agreed upon by both sides before the 14 day window expires.

  • To progress to level 3, all parties must be present and consenting and terms must be agreed upon with a mod or an admin to supervise. If a mod or admin is a part of the hijinks, a third non-biased mod/admin must be present.

    • Any players involved in a chicanery must agree, in written form,  to join in the chicanery.

      • No chicanery time action may be taken against or by a player who hasn’t explicitly agreed to be a part of a level 3 hijinks.

      • Once a player agrees to join in a level 3 hijinks, there is a 15 minute cool down before any level 3 actions may be pursued.


  • You must document that a hijinks has started or advanced in discord - Both parties must agree before beginning, or risk having the right of refusal invoked. When joining a hijinks, please fill out a Join Hijinks form on the Discord Hijinks channel (pinned message)


1. If more than one player calls a certain base home and a hijinks is declared, all players associated with either bases/factions must be informed immediately.

     - Any player who hasn’t agreed to a level 3 hijinks cannot be killed/looted.

To propose an amendment please submit your feedback on the Hemisphere website with title 'Amendment Proposal’ or contact a mod, admin, or owner with your idea.


Hijinks Declaration Form

Any side starting a hijinks must fill this form out within 30 (before or after) of the first hijinks escalation. Both sides must fill this out if the right of refusal is not invoked.

Hijinks name:


Minecraft Username:


Opposing Player’s Minecraft Username(s):


Base Location: This is the base that can be pranked and raided during this hijinks.

(X, Y, Z coordinates go here)

Join Hijinks Form

This form is to join hijinks that has already begun.

Hijinks name:


Minecraft Username:




Base Location: This is the base that can be pranked and raided during this hijinks.

(X, Y, Z coordinates go here)


Peace Declaration Form

Both sides must fill this out for peace to be officially declared.

Hybrid name:


Minecraft Username:


Opposing Player’s Minecraft Username(s):

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