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Welcome to Hemisphere hazy eyed traveler!

We're a group of Minecrafters dedicated to the goal of creating beautiful builds in survival Minecraft.

This world started as a PS4 world in 2015.

After 5 years it's finally made it to Java!

We're all here to help each other improve our building skills, especially in our community project areas, where we pool our resources and make epic builds as a team.


We have a Discord Server we like to ask our members to join. Click the button below to get on board!

Once you log in, you'll arrive at Nug Island!

Here you can grab some starter gear and food.


Visit the Nether Hub!


Find portals all over the world.

It's our most extensive form of transportation!

From the train station portal, you can keep it classic and ride the rails around the original PS4 world.

Explore the builds that started it all!

What to do Title.png

Explore the world!

There's plenty of sights to see!


Contribute to a Community Project!

Great for newcomers wanting to build a starter base!

Build a Base!

Find a place to call home


Build a Shop!

Visit the Shopping District! "There's always an untapped market" - Jack Donaghy

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